Better Animal Health Care Brings Welcome Changes to Herder Households in Mongolia


Motorcycles play a big part in carrying out animal health inspections in Mongolia to ensure that herds remain disease-free and to record and report disease outbreaks. In a country where a large number of herder households live in remote areas, motorcycles make it easier for veterinarians to be more efficient in doing their rounds. Mrs. Dashzeveg Erdenesuvd was a recent recipient of one of the eight brand new motorcycles turned over to the Veterinary and Animal Breeding Unit (VABU) and Private Veterinary Unit (PVU) of the Galuut, Bayantsagaan and Jargalant soums (districts). The turnover is part of the Livestock Agriculture Marketing Project (LAMP) , funded through the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) , a trust fund administrated by the World Bank.