Mission of the Roma Sounding Board

The proposed Roma Sounding Board (RSB) will consist of a representative group of civil society organizations with specific expertise in the area of social and economic inclusion of the Roma.

The primary roles of the RSB will be to identify areas for increased policy attention for the Roma, deliver Roma perspectives, and propose potential solutions to improve development outcomes and strengthen the social inclusion of the Roma.

Moreover, the RSB will inform and provide advice on Roma-specific development challenges to the World Bank’s engagement in Romania and focus on the significant issues connected to addressing these challenges, as well as contribute to the overall stakeholder dialogue.

The RSB aims, through its advice and activities, to promote equal rights and the socio-economic inclusion of Roma, including in particular of Roma women and girls, and to support their full participation in the political, social, and economic development of their communities.

Key Objectives of the Roma Sounding Board

  • Focus on the challenges facing Roma communities, identifying needs and providing recommendations conducive to inclusion and growth;
  • Serve as a platform for more effective communication and participation between civil society organizations working on the Roma agenda in Romania, the World Bank and other external stakeholders;
  • Support the facilitation of improved sharing of knowledge and good practices contributing towards Roma inclusion in Romania;
  • Provide inputs and constructive advice on the design and implementation of World Bank Romania country program activities relevant to the Roma inclusion agenda;
  • Engage with Roma communities, including with existing advocacy bodies and other individuals and organizations, to ensure that the World Bank Romania country program and stakeholders have access to a diversity of views.


The RSB shall consist of eight civil society organizations active at national level, of which six shall be Roma organizations and two non-Roma organizations, Pro-Roma, with expertise in working with/for Roma communities, as well as eight Roma-organizations active at local/regional level – one NGO representing each region of Romania.
RSB members shall be selected by the World Bank following a call for applications and transparent process based on pre-established selection criteria.

The first cohort of RSB members will be selected for a period of 18 months.