5 Front Doors Guaranteed to Give Your Neighbors Entryway Envy


No design piece impacts the curb appeal and welcoming nature of your home more than your front door. Use the following examples of stylish front doors to ensure that your home makes a great first impression.

1. Solid Wood Doors

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Large, heavy wood doors give your home a sturdy, well-built look. Solid wood doors also stand up to use much longer than hollow or fiberglass alternatives — keeping your entryway  looking great for years to come. Also, heavy wood doors are serious obstacles for burglars, improving your home’s security.

2. Inlaid Glass Doors

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Your front door is a means of separating your home from the outdoor world. If you want to let in natural light and still maintain a sense of privacy, inlaid glass doors are pefect. The ornate artwork of the glass adds character, allows in natural light and prevents visitors from peeking into your house.

3. Contrasting Colors

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Help your home make a statement by adding stylish hardware and vibrant colors to your front door. Paint your door a color that will contrast the neutral tones of your home’s exterior. Tie your entryway together with hardware that compliments the color of the door and the exterior of your home.

4. Dutch Doors

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A Dutch door is split into two sections, allowing you to open the top half while leaving the bottom half closed. Modern Dutch doors lock together so you can open the entire door in one motion. Dutch doors are perfect for letting in breezes or communicating with family members outdoors.

5. Contemporary Steel Doors

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A contemporary steel door is an excellent choice if your home has a modern architectural style. A brushed steel door aligns perfectly with the overall design of a modern home. Consider installing long, slender metal handles to create a clean and simple look for your entryway.

Remember that you can further enhance your front door’s effectiveness with unique hand knockers and attractive door handles.